High-grade foreign specialists have been trained at the National Mining University since 1949. More than 800 students who came from 27 countries received Diplomas of Higher Education, and 27 of them got PHD degree.

The graduates of the University work as engineers, top-ranking managers of enterprises and heads of scientific institutions and companies in the countries of Africa, Asia, Latin America, Australia, Central Europe and Middle East.

Graduates of Dnipro University of Technology   


 A new page was opened in the XXI century. With the increasing international prestige of the University, the expansion of ties with foreign educational institutions and widespread promotional activities the University has become interesting and attractive for foreigners and as a result, the flow of students has increased significantly. Students from over 40 countries of Africa, Europe, Asia, Latin America and Australia have been trained at the university.

       Today foreign students are trained at 9 faculties in 29 specialties. The evidence of the high quality of the university graduates is their fruitful work for large mining and industrial enterprises, rapid career growth and leading engineering positions in home countries.

For all its history the university has a reputation as a progressive, innovative, research institution of higher education. Its 120th anniversary is to be celebrated in 2019.

Students of Dnipro University of Technology

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Contacts of Educational and Scientific Center for Training of Foreign Citizens

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    Address: Dnipro University of Technology

Building 4, Room. 31-3, Dmytra Yavornytskogo Ave. 19,

Dnipro, 49005, Ukraine

Phone: +38 (056) 373-07-40

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Director –  Yevhen Kozii

E-mail: fs@nmu.one

Website: efc.nmu.org.ua


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