Admission of foreigners to study is carried out by the University:  
- twice a year, before and at the beginning of academic semesters for obtaining a bachelor`s and a master`s degree;  
- throughout the year for postgraduate and doctoral studies.

To become a student of Dnipro University of Technology you need to take 3 steps:

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Step 1. Invitation for study


To get Invitation for study at Dnipro University of Technology you need:

Send us the following documents in electronic form by e-mail to: for preparing the invitation:

●application form "Request for training" (Request for training. pdf);

 consent for the collection and processing of personal data (Consent form. pdf);

 copy of the first page of the passport document or other document which proves a foreign citizen's identity;

 scan-copy of  the sertifiicate of  education;

 scan-copy of the annex to the sertifiicate of  education with estimates of educational courses.

Validity of Invitation fo study - 6 months


Pay for the services of visa support, meeting at destination in Ukraine. Bank details will be sent e-mailed to the adress you specified.


To get the invitation for study, which is required for application to the consular office of Ukraine to:

 get visa D (for citizens of countries with visa-required entry to Ukraine);

 present it when passing passport control.

Step 2. Arrival for study

To ensure admission to studying to Dnipro University of Technology, You need to prepare «The package of documents»:

1) original and notarized copy of the document about the previous obtained educational level (educational-qualification level) on the basis of which the admission is held;

2) original and notarized copy of the annex to the document about the previous obtained educational level (educational qualification) level, on the basis of which the admission is held;

3) copy of the license for providing educational services of the institution that issued the document about education;

4) document from the educational institution that the person really held training and received educational document (to verify the fact of training and issuing of documents);

5) original of the passport document of the foreigner or the document which proves the identity of the person without citizenship with a notarized translation into Ukrainian language;

6) 10 photos with size 35x45 mm;

7) copy of the certificate of a foreign Ukrainian (if available);

8) to obtain a master's degree or postgraduate education a foreigner shall submit the originaland a copy of the document which contains information about content of the curriculum of the previous degree (level) of higher education, obtained credits, duration of study and success of academic disciplines;

9) in case of transfer or renewal for studying a foreigner shall submit academic certificate issued by foreign / Ukrainian educational institution;

Documents, mentioned in the paragraphs 1-4, 7-8 must be:

 legalized in the countries of their disclosure in that way, which is officially used in this country;

 translated into Ukrainian language and notarized.

For admission to post-graduate school in addition to the list given a foreigner should  provide research proposal on the selected scientific specialty or list of published scientific works and inventions inUkrainian or English notarized in the prescribed manner at the workplace / training of candidate.

For admission to doctoral studies a foreigner should submit in addition thesis plan for scientific degree in Ukrainian or English and a copy of diploma about assigning of corresponding scientific degree.

All education documents of foreigners must undergo the procedure of recognition on the territory of Ukraine in accordance to current legislation.


For citizens of countries with visa-required entries to Ukraine: submit original invitation for study and "The package of documents" to the consulate of Ukraine with the aim of:

 certification of the package of documents

 getting visa D.

For citizens of countries with visa-free entries to Ukraine: foreigner must have the original of the invitation for study when crossing the state border to confirm the purpose of entry to Ukraine.


Inform the National Technical University Dnipro Polytechnic about getting visa and scheduled date, flight number and place of arrival in Ukraine. Such information is required for meeting a foreign citizen and its subsequent support from the state border to the university.

Step 3. Admission to study

After arrival to Dnipro city a foreigner should come to Educational and Scientific Center for training of international citizens (building №4, office 31/3) and submit the following documents:

1) application form;

2) documents referred in section "The package of documents";

3) get directions for settlement at dormitory (by request).


 pass entrance exams in the university selection committee (colloquium) on  the language knowledge and specialized subjects.

Upon  positive decision of selection committee regarding admission to study conclude "The learning agreement" and pay tuition and hostel accommodation.

By obtaining an extract from the order of enrollment ensure the issuance of "temporary residence permit in Ukraine", "policy of compulsory health insurance" and solution other issues concerning education.


Start  classes according to the Schedule for curriculum specialties.


Submit application for carrying out procedure of nostrification (recognition of foreign educational document), which is carried out during the first semester.


Dnipro Polytechnic is waiting for you!!!



   1. Cost of services which need prepayment: 

● invitation, visa support, transmission of invitation, meeting at the destination in Ukraine


● additional services of translation of passport and certificate of education in the Ukrainian language, notarization of documents, correspondence services


2. The cost of services to provide training:

● «Certificate of temporary residence in Ukraine»


● «Certificate of compulsory health insurance»


● accommodation in a dormitory (place in a room for 2 people)


Educational services:

Studying at the preparatory department;

Training experts:

- for higher education degrees: bachelor, master;

- for academic degrees: doctor of philosophy, doctor of science;

Postgraduate education – training.

Form of study:

- Full-time;

- part-time (distance learning).


Duration  of training:

- Preparatory department - 1 year;

- Baccalaureate - 4 years;

- Master  studies- 1 year 4 months;

- Postgraduate studies - 4 years.

Tuition per year:                                                                                                                                                                    


Stages of learning

Language of learning



Preparatory department

1080 $


1950 $

2150 $


2050 $

2250 $

Postgraduate student

2800 $

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